Frog Friendly Wild Organic Coffee

Frog Friendly Wild Organic is a Bourbon Arabica coffee roasted in small batches and made to order in Canoe, BC.  It is uniquely low in acidity for individuals with sensitive stomachs.  Frog Friendly Coffee is organic certified and responsibly harvested with a “walk in, walk out” approach as the beans grow wild in the indigenous Oaxacan cloud forest.  Founder Karla Ferster spent much of her childhood in Oaxaca, Mexico and is passionately committed to practicing green, ethical and transparent habits using no chemical sprays, pesticides before, during or after harvest.  The continued goal of bringing genuine benefit to communities at source through a long term legacy of equitable employment and social support is Karla’s sense of pride and family.  Frog Friendly Coffee delicious coffee is available in decaf, medium, dark and espresso at local retailers.


  • Bon Ton Meat Market
  • Italian Centre Shop
  • Lemonceillo Home
  • Piece on Peace
  • Select Sobeys and Safeway stores


  • H&W Produce, Terra Losa
  • Italian Centre Shop, South
  • Italian Centre Shop, West

Food Service

  • Gordon Food Service
  • Sysco Food Service

Frog Friendly coffee is also available throughout British Columbia.


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