Alvim’s Fine Foods – Pao de Queijo Gourmet

Alvim’s Fine Foods is Calgary based company who is the creator and producer of delicious tasting cheese buns.  Their cheese rolls are made with 40% cheese and are both gluten free and yeast free.  They are hors d’oeuvre size at 25 grams each and bake straight from frozen.  Alvim’s cheese buns come in four flavors: Traditional cheese, olive, garlic and herbs.  Look for them in the freezer of your favourite stores.


  • Sobeys


  • IGA


  • Italian Centre Shop
  • Sobeys, Bridlewood
  • Sobeys, Cranston
  • Sobeys, Mahogany
  • Sobeys, McKenzie Towne
  • Sobeys, Millrise
  • Sobeys, Nolan Hill
  • Sobeys, Royal Oak
  • Sobeys, Silverado
  • Sobeys, Strathcona
  • Sobeys, Tuscany
  • Safeway, Aspen
  • Safeway, Bonaventure
  • Safeway, Crowfoot
  • Safeway, Glenmore Landing
  • Safeway, Kensington
  • Safeway, Shawnessy
  • Safeway, Southcentre
  • Safeway, West Hills


  • Safeway


  • Safeway


  • Italian Centre Shop, West
  • Italian Centre Shop, West
  • Sobeys, Lewis Estates


  • Safeway
  • Sobeys

Red Deer

  • Sobeys


  • Safeway

12 thoughts on “Alvim’s Fine Foods – Pao de Queijo Gourmet

    1. Hi Stewart,
      The product should be in the store. We unfortunately sold out quickly and have reloaded Kensington again. Hopefully you should find it there. Thanks for your patience.

  1. Hi, We have tried to bake these from frozen as suggested. The insides are raw and chewy but the outside is almost overcooked.

    What is the technique for this?

    1. Hi Bob,
      I find my oven runs a bit hotter so I bake them at 425 degrees for 23 minutes. The cheese buns are 40% cheese so often they seem a bit undercooked however let them sit for approximately five minutes and they will be perfect.
      Hopefully this should help.

  2. Hi
    I am wondering if Safeway on Mission road is not going to be carrying these anymore? I bought three bags the other day there were only 4 in the fridge. these are the BEST we like to put 3- 4-5 together and it makes one yummy roll. we are going to try and make candy cane shape for Christmas breakfast or wreath shapes for turkey dinner.

    Thank you for this incredibly yummy GF Rolls

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for your great feedback. Sounds like you have great creative ideas for the cheese rolls. We would love to post pictures of your creations if you would like to send them or tag us. Safeway Mission is still carrying the cheese buns. We are so thankful for all the support and working hard to keep each store stocked.

  3. Had you ever distributed these to Nutters in Okotoks? I could have sworn that’s where I found them in Nov./19. Bought the garlic ones and they are fantastic!!! If they weren’t there, sure hope to find them in Sobeys or Safeway in Okotoks!

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thank you for your feedback and so glad to hear you are enjoying the cheese buns. They are in Sobeys in Okotoks as well as in most Safeway and Sobeys stores in south Calgary. We have not sold them into Nutters in Okotoks….yet!

  4. I bought these today at the Italian Centre in Edmonton. I baked them at 450 degrees for 25 min and they seemed over baked. Very crusty. I was expecting a softer bun. I lived in Colombia for a few years and they made a bun similar call Almojabanas but it wasn’t crusty. It was very cheesy like yours but much softer .

    1. Hi Bella,
      We find everyone’s oven is a bit different. I bake them at 425 degrees for 23 minutes and find they turn out great in my oven. Maybe try turning down your oven 25 degrees to see if the they are not as crusty.

  5. Hi,
    I live in the south east and been trying to get your original cheese bread but is impossible. I been going to 4 different store; Cranston, McKenzie Town, Mahagony, and 130 Avenue. When would you guys be able to bring more? BTW in Ecuador we call your bread pan de yuca and thank you for this amazing treat. Make me feel just like home. Your bread is to died for.

    1. Hi Belen,

      Glad we found some for you at the Safeway in South Centre, Calgary. Thank you for the compliments. We really appreciate it.

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